Tuesday, October 27, 2009

mr. bones

He's one of my favorite school crafts. Mr. Bones is our craft for the nature center in a few weeks when we talk about bones. Since this craft is also Halloweenish, I thought we'd share now, in case anybody wanted to make Mr. Bones this week.

He takes 1 piece of construction paper (or 12x12 would be better)

12 q-tip tips (6 q-tips)

13 full q-tips

elmers glue

1 skull shape cut out of a piece of white paper

He is assembled pretty easily as the picture shows.

In third grade, I used this guy with my body systems unit. He was kind of a fun end of the chapter craft. My students always loved to do art projects (this isn't really art, but close enough) and while they did go to art once a week at school, most did not get many opportunities at home to do any art. When I taught 2nd grade, I used this guy as one of the centers for my fall party. There's a story there.... I caused a small scandal amongst my hallway my first year for throwing an unauthorized party. who knew? (and frankly, who cared!) You could have kids write stories about their bone friend, write a biography, write letters to him or from him... there are a number of reasons/excuses/rationalizations one could use to make this guy under the heading of a educational experience. It's a project I will do again I am sure.


Anonymous said...

very scary!

Love Always,


Elise said...

This looks like a fun and simple craft for young children.

It's sad to think that some children don't get any opportunities to do art at home.

I like the idea of using him as a character to write stories to etc.

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