Friday, October 16, 2009

10 years ago

10 years ago today hubby and I were married. We look so young in the pictures, but it's only because we really were young. We got married in college over fall break. I think we had two days off of school plus the weekend and then I returned on Monday with a different last name. I can't believe my mom said yes when my sweetie asked permission to propose. She did make him promise that I would finish my degree and we wouldn't have kids until that was done. Good enough.

I was pretty pleased at the time with the photography. If this was happening today, I'd be excepting a whole lot more. This was a tidbit before people used digital. I remember the photographer telling us how the whole digital photography thing was never going to come into play with professional photographers because film is SO much better. He may be out of business now. My mom had a digital camera at the time that she borrowed from work (it was so large!), but I remember we didn't take but a few pictures on it. What would you do with images on your computer? The whole idea seemed silly. You really couldn't even really print them out nicely... why bother.

I loved my dress and only could afford it because I got in a minor fender bender that summer. I received a check for the slight damage to my car and bought a wedding dress. I had taken it to an overpriced repair shop to purposely get a larger estimate. I remember going into the dress shop and saying I have exactly ___ (I don't even remember anymore), the amount on the check. I do believe my total came out exactly. I don't fit into that dress anymore. I was pretty sure at the time that I always would. Oh to have a waist again (and be so young and naive!). I tried it on several months ago and laughed a little when I could not budge the zipper a single inch. Then I tried it on Bee and it was all kinds of big and baggy. She thought it was just great. I don't hold out any hopes that she will want to wear it on her wedding day. I have thought seriously about just consigning it before it is laughably out of fashion. I think it will stay in it's box wrapped in a cabbage patch bed sheet until another day.


Chris said...

happy tenth anniversary. hope you guys are enjoying your weekend away :)

Mama King said...

Congratulations! Definitely save your dress! My mom had a 1960's Jackie O style wedding dress that she made. She gave it the Salvation Army thinking none of her daughters would want it. I was so sad. I totally would have gotten married in it. I loved it! So you never know. Bee may just think it is the best dress ever someday and want to get married in it when the scandal cools down.

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