Thursday, October 1, 2009

new for us- maid rite

When we were in Springfield, IL we searched down a few letterboxes. One of them took us to a little restaurant called Maid -Rite. The website describes it as a 'Retro Americana Classic Diner Restaurant.' This was the original one so it had a total retro feel. They are known for their sandwich called the maid-rite, homemade root beer, and hand wrapped gum drops.

This one is a historical site and boasts the first drive up window. It really was just that, a wooden window that you drive up to.

We found the letterbox, drank root beer, talked with Sam- the owner since 1970. We enjoyed a maid-rite on the house. It was SO delicious. Unfortunately, we had just eaten a nice lunch at my Grandma's so no one had room for more.

Later, my Grandma helped me track down a recipe for a maid-rite. The first meal I made after arriving home was this. They were good. Very good in fact. I think I'll need to have another one at the shop to compare... maybe two! Here's the recipe my grandma's friend gave us:

(no one will probably notice, but the recipe calls for dill sandwich slices and spears are in the picture. There was some initial confusion on my part... I made a pickle relish for ours, but then hubby reminded me that they had slices instead. oh well)


1 pound ground beef
1 packet dry onion soup mix
white buns
sandwich dill pickles
yellow mustard
paper towel

Steam the ground beef. I think this means that you cook it covered in a skillet with a little water. Also, you break it up a lot to make it as fine as possible. After it's mostly cooked, add the packet of soup mix. On the buns, place a pickle or two and a squirt of mustard. Then add the loose meat to the top. Place the top bun on. Place in the paper towel and smash. Then, warm in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Those apple slices are not fresh, they were cut the day before. That's another thing I learned last week; another way to keep apple slices looking fresh, other than lemon juice. Dip apple slices in saltwater and then place in whatever storage container. When I tried this at home I just cut the apples up and put them in a glass container. Then I filled the dish with water and poured in some salt. I shook it all, then drained out the water. It worked. It gives the apples the slightest salty taste, but we have all agreed at our house that it's pretty yummy. When I was eating the apple slices last week before I knew about the salt, I didn't taste it. They were served at the funeral dinner with brei topped with brown sugar. It was fantastic. I am now looking for an occasion for brei. Do you really need a special occasion for brei though?


Anonymous said...

It looks yummy to me. I really don't think they use onion soup. At least years ago, it was finally diced onion. The onion soup would be tasty however. I'm sending this on to my friends. When you do the brie, don't forget the pecans. Love you, gma

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

i am liking the letterboxing idea more and more. I might have to start that hobby when we move back!

Mama King said...

I have never heard of this but it sounds good. Very old school.

We are going to try letter boxing too.

Anonymous said...

Maid Rite is a Springfield icon. They are awesome. I'm glad you found it.

Next time you are there I'll give you directions to Kreckel's (the best hamburgers and 2nd best shakes I've ever found) Plus they have an old Cadillac with a huge rooster tail in the back. It doesn't get any better---
Love Always

Amanda Pedro said...

Love the halloween crafts. I think some of them may come to our house.
As for helping the apples, mix some apple juice with water. Just water it down and put the apples in that. the apple juice stops the apples from turning and you won't have the salt.
thanks for all your great ideas.

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