Saturday, October 17, 2009

funny kids and Bee's scandal

During Bee's second week of school-

me: I saw you holding hands with a little girl on the playground today, what is her name?
Bee: Her name is Ella and she is nice. She does whatever I tell her to do. She's going to be a good friend

While playing grocery store with Bee and Lou- (I don't know where she got this idea! We are very tame folk and lead fairly conservative lives...)

me (the cashier): Hi, how are you two today?
B: We're good. This is my baby (pointing to her baby doll) and this (pointing to Lou) is the baby's daddy. He's not my husband, just my boyfriend. He has a baby too (pointing to Lou's baby doll) but I am not her mommy. They live next door to me. I live with my husband. We're all friends.
me: SCANDAL, huh?

unrelated photos: my Bee during a recent fishing trip


Amanda Pedro said...

hahahaha, thanks for the scandal story. I laughed out loud!!!!

love your blog and ideas. keep 'em coming!

RyanSarahN said...

this made me laugh. too cute

Anonymous said...

maury, maybe? hah.

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