Monday, October 26, 2009

owl day- I'm moving on up

I'm moving on up in the volunteer world. I signed up to volunteer at the nature center in our area in late August. There was somewhat of a process to go through just to read some stories to some 2-3 year olds. I am now job shadowing. This week was owls. Our program is short, 30-40 minutes. We start each session by rolling the big ball around and saying out names. Then we do a touch box to set the theme. We share several stories, do a little song or rhyme, then do a craft. It's pretty simple. Often, a real animal is brought in or some type of object is passed around. This week we had the nature center's barred owl named Luna brought in.

Here is the little counting rhyme and flannel board activity I found online at Everything Preschool. It's one of my favorite resources for poems, songs, and rhymes to go with a theme.

The kids then made an owl face puppet.

After class today we had a planning meeting and planned crafts and activities for the rest of the year. I think I was a little to forward/pushy in the meeting, because as I looked back at the plans, we went with my craft ideas for almost every week. hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Where would you get your "pushyness" and "forwardness"?

Loooking forward to seeing you at Thansgiving---

Love Always,


Aunt Donna said...

"Pushy" No Way! "Forward" Never!
I'm sure they saw a confident, creative, and highly qualified individual with great ideas...

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