Monday, October 12, 2009

field trip and a book

Bee's class went on a field trip to the zoo last week. She got to ride on a school bus (perhaps the highlight of the trip) for the first time. Lou and I got to go by car. This was our first time at our new zoo.

I did do some 'editing' to Bee's shirt and you can see it all here. I am not a fan of the over sized t-shirt. I sewed some elastic on the sides, stretching as I zig zagged. For the shoulders, I poked holes in the sleeve seem and tied a ribbon around the sleeve section, cinching it up.

When we got home we made a little book to help remember the events of the day. I really like making books about trips or things we have done (shared experiences). It gives them ownership and motivation to want to hear and read the story themselves. The simple text is one Bee can repeat on her own after hearing a few times. She and Lou have looked at it dozens of times already.
I usually don't have a fancy binding put on, but since we were going to share it at school, we went to Staples. For about $2.50 they put a clear cover and back page and bound it in one of three choices. Here are a few of the pages.

Bee took her book to school the next day and was so excited to have her teacher read it to the class. She got to share about how we made the book too, which she liked.


Anonymous said...

That was $2.50 well spent. You are amazing. gma

Anonymous said...

Very neat book. I love the picture of the giraffe---up close & personal.

Love Always,


Jamie said...

I love this idea! Gets those pictures printed. My kiddos love to look at books with photos of themselves. Did you just use cardstock for the base pages? Love it! May have to try it soon!
Great blog!

Clara said...

You are so creative!

{ erin } said...

The bow idea is really cute!! On my adult sized shirt I actually removed the sleeves, trimmed them down and sewed them back on. But on a little shirt... eek! I'm not that talented!! So the bow thing is a totally cute and effective way to fix that problem!! THANKS for the tip!! :)

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