Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shop news and a grown up pirate

I have decided to remove capes from my shop, at least through Christmas. I really don't like making them in mass quantities and I have decided that if I'm going to continue enjoying having a shop, it is silly to have to sew things that I don't like sewing. That's also the reason I do not have my lunch bags listed. I will continue to make both items for special gifts, etc, and may list them again when things slow down in etsy-land, which is after Christmas.

I mailed out several orders today. I was not busy like this last year at this time. Perhaps more people are interested in handmade costumes this year to save money? Two orders are ones I am hoping to see pictures of for sure. I sent out an adult sized Diego bag and Dora Backpack for a couples costume! I also sent out a adult sized pirate hat an eye patch and those went to my dad. I will get a picture of that for sure, I can count on my sister.

We made these little ghost footprints to include in my dads package. Bee is getting so fast at writing. Preschool is helping with this I think.

I made the elastic pretty long. Id it's too short (Dad), just cinch it up a little and knot it in the back. I think the hat should be big enough, but if it isn't, just cut right along the current hole, just the tiniest bit at a time. Use Jill's nice scissors, they're are probably hidden from you.


Lisa said...

LOVE the wee ghostie feetprint!

Can;t wait to see your Dad ala Pirate mode!

Anonymous said...

Jill has good scissors?

Love Always,

Clara said...

I was just looking at your shop last night, and wondering what happened to the capes. I saw capes in the Family Fun magazine and thought maybe I could do them myself, hahaha... then I looked on Etsy! My ideas for the kids this xmas is capes and tutu's..... Guess I better look on etsy and order early! Cute ghost idea! You are so creative!

Lisa said...


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