Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween snack... it's a healty one too

These silly little pumpkins were a snack I made last year for Halloween. They are hallowed out oranges filled with orange jello. I also threw in some mandarin oranges to add a little substance. I decorated the faces with sharpie marker, but the orange oil in the skin make it a little tricky. I saw some oranges on the cover of a book at the library yesterday that had carved faces. I didn't stop to see how that did that. Tiny elf like carving tools?

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Anonymous said...

I would think that if you carved the outside before you hollowed them out, you migh have some luck, especially if it was ok to go through the skin (like a pumpkin). Otherwise, you might take an old paring knife (the cheaper the better since more expensive ones won't bend (they break when you try to bend them). You might heat the end until it is very hot and then try to bend the very very tip with pliers. This would give you an "imitation" tiny little elf like tool.

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