Monday, November 23, 2009

Window to bow holder

Guess we have plenty of hair bows. Bee outgrew her small bow holder some time ago and the bows have just been getting clipped all over for storage.

My neighbors have been remodeling their kitchen (how lucky!) for the past month and I am like a stalker watching all the cabinets and windows come out of the house. When I spied this funky window sitting out, I ran over and asked if I could have it. They seemed confused why I would want it and so did hubby. Some people don't know a treasure when they see it! Hubby now says I'm a hoarder. We've seen the show. I am no hoarder.... if I am, I'm a tidy one.

It got a coat of super light pink mixed with some sparkle paint. Lou was my painting helper today. We love doing little projects when Bee is at school.

I added strips of ribbon on the backside. I staple gunned them on.

The little bows clip right onto the ribbons. Guess we need a second one...

I hung it up by the hinges. The hardware is my favorite part. Bee is hanging her necklaces on the hook at the bottom. The window was free and I had the paint and ribbon on hand. I love a free project! That fits right in with my envelope budget.

Someday, if/when we replace the windows in this house I have more projects in mind!


Anonymous said...

I've never seen so many bows in one place...What a lucky little girl to have such a crafty mom.

Looking forward to seeing you Wed pm

Love Always,


grandma said...

At least you don't just keep the free stuff stored until you find the right thing to use it for. It is neat. I can't imagine where all those bows were before you found this.

Melissa said...

Very cute. I love that the kids get to help with the projects. They have such a fun mom!

Sandy said...

this idea is great, if only I thought of this when my girls were creative!