Saturday, May 1, 2010

cleaning out pictures- car seat cover

I'm cleaning out picture files. They just get all crazy and take over if you don't keep on them. Here's an old project that I never posted about- you'll notice Lou's snowman shirt so this must have been a few months ago. I may do a series of these this weekend...

Lou left silly putty on his car seat. That's not coming out. Frankly, it's only coming out attached a little bit at a time to his pants.
I took off the cover and tried to make a pattern. I vowed only to use fabric on hand- hence the clown tent like colors chosen. Then I tried to reassemble and sew it together. I had not intended to use bias tape (my arch nemesis) but I didn't allow for hems in some areas. Darn.

It's not great, but he sure doesn't mind.

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