Friday, April 16, 2010

The ladies are here

I heard Bee's teachers talking about ordering caterpillars and it being too late to get them this spring. I went home, hoped on the internet and found that it was not too late for painted ladies. We decided to grab a few. We've been stalking the mail man for days. Thursday they came.

They are kind of fuzzy and pretty much just crawl around and eat the stuff in their cup. They are rather active and spin silk to crawl around on.

I made up some little butterfly observation booklets for the kids and even a few poor neighbor kids who I force my teach'en upon.

I love that the kids don't mind doing a little 'school work' when something cool is involved. I think there will be meal worm observations needed this summer. Those are really cool little guys.

Here's Bee's observations. She even added the poo.

Here's what's coming....

Our ladies are headed to preschool on Friday. I think the plan is to keep them at school most of the week and to share custody on the weekends. Bee is pretty upset and I do have all the neighborhood kids working on their observations, so I have told her that we will make sure we get them at home some too. Plus, I don't want to miss the fun changes.

Caterpillars can be ordered here at Nature's Gift Shop. The kit we bought comes with a net to place them in once they turn to chrysalis. Oh, we can't wait!


randi said...

we did these last fall and they were a hit. a bit grosser than I expected, but completely cool when the butterflies appear!

Aunt Donna said...

If I were a kid, I'd like to live at your house. How lucky Bee and Lou are to have a mother like you!

Susan said...

Michelle and I think you are an awesome Preschool Mom!!!! We are so excited to watch these caterpillars change into those beautiful Painted Ladies :) Tell Hannah we are very willing to share!
Susan Seger

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