Saturday, July 31, 2010

number cards

The poor neighborhood kids get put to work when they come to play!

I saw these number cards somewhere (I thought it was here, but I can't seem to find it) and made up a set right away. Lou has been having fun with them. He had a little buddy over to play one day this week and he ended up doing some math with us too.

One side has just the numeral, the other side has the numeral and however many dots. Lou and friend used Diego chess pieces this time, but you could use jelly beans, little toy animals, cars, goldfish crackers, whatever.

I paid to laminate my set and plan to use them at preschool. I am looking to buy my own home-office laminater soon. I tested out my neighbors no heat one and do like it. I have done only the tiniest bit of research online, but there are so many. Any recommendations? I sure can't keep paying to get my lamination done!


Jen said...

I used the number cards for my step daughters. Instead of laminating them, I just covered them with clear contact paper. They lasted through three kids that way!

abbie said...

These are SO clever. I may have to test them out with my daughter!
Thanks for the idea.

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