Sunday, July 18, 2010

vegetarians beware

We are loving our meat CSA. I think we all agree that the meat is delicious. It's grass fed, local and lovingly raised by a sweet family that we've gotten to know. It's also processed locally. It's so fresh. Once, one of the chicken we got had been processed literally the day before! We buy a weight, not the individual cuts, so we never know what we are getting. This month, we ended up with some of these Breakfast sausage links. How cute are those, all linked together.

The eggs are fun. They are all differnt colors and shapes. I've never had such delicious eggs. I just love that the family literally went out and gathered them up in the days just before I pick them up.

One interesting item this month (which was not counted towards or monthly weight) was these beef neck bones. I've never cooked them before and don't even know what they look like. I'm looking for a good recipe.

Google leads me to possible recipes for making beef stock and possibly preparing them like ribs. If I make up stock, can I can it? I'm really loving canning. Maybe I'll just have to freeze it. Any beef neck bone lovers out there?


Constance said...

My grandma cooks a water type gravy with neck bones and it is delicious. She just cooks them down with water and simple seasonings like "Slap Ya Mama" (Cajun seasoning). There is not a lot of meat on the bones and alot of what is on there you have to pick out with something like a butterknife. Let us know what you try.

Anonymous said...

I talked with JoAnne this morning. She says she makes vegetable soup with bones. She said she didn't see why you couldn't make stock and process it. The vegetable soup freezes well as long as you don't put in potatoes.

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