Sunday, July 11, 2010

eating my words

Bee asked for a DS. It's a small game system thing. Today's game boy I guess. She's 4, so of course, I said no. She begged. And begged. I told her that they are about $120 and if she saved up the money for one then by all means, she could have it. She's 4 right, no way she could save up that kind of money. Between her bake sales and chore money and birthday gifts, she's got it. 7 months later and she's in the money. She's roll'en in dough. I'm eating my words. She did it. Crud.

Hubby picked it up at the store a few days ago since we knew Bee was getting close and she was also very aware of the nearness of it. With a busy birthday weekend we did not want to have to make extra trips out to shop. We didn't tell her of course.

When the morning came and the money was counted she asked if we could go to the store. I said that I would take her as soon as we were all ready. She got dress and ready for the day in about 13 seconds. I was still in jammies when she announced that we were all ready to go. I asked if I should take a shower and get ready and she said no. I looked fine and no one would know I was in jammies. I was in purple jammie pants with little white sheep in them and an old nightgown for a top. Pretty much everyday wear I supposed.

I walked her outside and then said that I needed her to come back in with me for a minute. We went downstairs in the basement to the real store we were going to.

Daddy was a the register and she made the transaction. It's pink!

We are eating our words but not yet regretting the DS. There are specific rules for it's use and the time allowed. We have yet to work out a good system for monitoring daily time spent on it, but I'm sure that will evolve eventually.

On Monday she's 5. If she's pulling this kind of stuff at 4, what, oh goodness, is in store for next year?


mommyslittlemonkeys said...

YAY for Hannah! Some kids wouldn't be able to do this. They would find small things along the way to spend the saved money on. She is learning great life lessons! Good parenting!

grandma said...

She is a determined little girl. There surely is nothing wrong with that. It tells me she could be president someday. I'm eager to see a blog with pictures about the tea party.

Kimber said...

Karlee is saving for an Ipad, that will be Bee in a few yesrs :) Can't wait to see you!

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