Thursday, July 1, 2010

junes donated item-

I've been looking for a place to make my donation for June. It's almost the end of the month and I was without a place. I read about this idea Here on Samster Mommy (another one of the blogs I follow like crazy) to donate costumes to the Princess Alexa Foundation. What a great idea!

I'm sending off a few of these pirate hats to Natasha at Samster Mommy so she can include them in the BIG box of donations that she is collecting. The Princess Alexa Foundation donates dress-up clothes to seriously ill children. What a great idea.

There is still time if you'd like to donate handmade costumes or even store bought ones. Store bought costumes can be donated anytime through the Princess Alexa website. The mailing address is available there. If you'd like to send handmade costumes to Samster mommy, here is the post with information on that. She is calling it a tutu drive, but she's taking any costumes really. I here for the boys!

If you'd like to make a pirate hat to send, stay tuned here for an exclusive tutorial.

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Anonymous said...

I love my pirate hat. I wear it everywhere, especially when I am out on the pontoon boat----"Aaarrr"

The give away sounds like a great idea!

Love Always

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