Friday, July 9, 2010

mentos and coke- science

I don't know how it came up, the mentos and coke thing. One day the kids and I found ourselves on you-tube watching videos of mentos and coke 'explosions.' We had to try it ourselves.

We don't do anything fun around here, so of course I had to turn this too into schoolwork. I made up some sheets that had the steps to the scientific process. I plugged in some of the information for them since this is our first time using this.

Title: Coke and Mentos

Question: What will the reaction be when a mentos is dropped in a bottle of coke.

Prediction: ________ (they all wrote their own) Bee: "It will spray really high."

Materials: a 2 liter of diet coke, 1 mentos

Procedure: Drop mentos in the open bottle of coke.

Data: (their drawings of the observations of before and during)

We took to the street for this one.

Conclusion: ________________ (they each wrote their own) Bee: "The pop shot up really high."

Every time I hear the word(s) You-tube, I think of that episode of The Office where Michael says, "I've gotta get those folks from you-tube down to film this!" Here's our video of our experiment with the neighbors out watching too. You can only see it here, it's not on you-tube.


Anonymous said...

Next---try putting the lid back on--I wonder what would happen?

Love Always,


grandma said...

I think our school is fun. Hopefully Lou was interested. He needs to be scientific also.

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