Thursday, July 15, 2010

pretzle secret uncovered

Another short one today. My hands are busy sewing again today, not typing.

I have an update to my pretzel recipe. Often I get frumpy pretzels like that on the left in the picture. Clearly, the one on the right is a more attractive big soft fat pretzel. It cooks better too. Recently, I figured out the difference. Here's the recipe I posted some time ago.
So the secret to pretty pretzels is adding an extra rise. After the dough rises and you divide it into 12 balls. Form balls into pretzles and (Here's the change:) rise again for 30 minutes. Then when you dip it in the bath water, they stretch out even more. Use both hands and use your fingers to spread them more. Then bake as directed.

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grandma said...

Have you thought of trying to get on the show Chopped. I believe you have great ideas.

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