Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just school stuff

Just more school stuff. I'm crazy into school stuff right now. I don't think I've written it here, but I'm going to be teaching preschool next year. I'm pretty excited. It's the school where Bee went last year and Lou will be going next year. I'm only working a few hours each week, but it's really the perfect set up. I've loved the ladies Bee had and feel so blessed to get to teach with them now.

Crazy enough, school starts in like three weeks. So, we're in full school mode right now. We're still doing school at home, Bee is in reading camp, and I'm really into working on plans for preschool.

On a similar note, I found these letter tiles at a garage sale (in the fruit zipper bags) for so cheap. These are the letters from just one bag! Here, the two youngest girls are playing a game where one spells a word and the other copies. Then it's the other persons turn to go first. The next day, I had all three girls spell a few of their grade level sight words out using the letter tiles.

I'm stumbling on so many great ideas for preschool. Here's a fun one. Sharpie is used to draw little circle on a sheet of wax paper forming letters. A water dropper is then used to fill in the little dots. Lou and Bee both spent a good while on it this morning.

I'm also spending way too much time on the preschool resource sites listed here as well as some new ones. A new favorite is this one. oh boy!


Anonymous said...

I like the water on wax paper--how cool is that!

Love always,


Melissa said...

I'm excited that you'll be teaching preschool! Who will you be coteaching with? :-)

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

congrats! you'll be an amazing preschool teacher.

Aunt Donna said...

What lucky children to have such a terrific teacher- next year! Just seeing some of your blog post... I know you'll be great!

Katherine marie said...

I can't wait to see all the creative preschool you whip up this year. Hope you enjoy your teaching experience!

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