Saturday, July 17, 2010

butterflies and a dress

I saw this adorable crocheted butterfly at Little Birdie Secrets and knew I needed to make bunches of them. Bunches. So far, I've made several. They whip up quickly and use very easy stitches.

I added a chain to one and we're using it as a bookmark. The kids and I are reading the Ramona books.
I attached one to a hair clip, like I saw on Little Bridie Secrets.

When Bee and I were looking for an outfit this morning to match the clip, we stumbled on this pink dress I made her a few months ago. It was just ok. She wears it some, but I knew it needed something. It apparently was just waiting for these butterflies!

This morning, on our way out the door, I stitched them onto her dress to cover up this spot.

Yep, that's fingernail polish. Who knows where she even got fingernail polish.

Oh well, problem solved.

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Anonymous said...

The way she poses...I think she's ready for the runway!!!

Love Always,

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