Thursday, July 8, 2010

picnic dress

I wanted to make Bee a new dress for the 4th of July. Her dress from last year still fits and she wears it often. I had to limit the number of wears per week at one point since she was so crazy about it. It's twirls, that's the excitement.

My sister in law gave me an entire suitcase full of fabric on our last visit with them. I am slowly attacking the fabric. There are so many projects waiting to be made! The skirt part of the dress is from fabric from her, the top is something I had on hand. I've been considering matching the dots with the plaid for some time. I decided to go for it.

So, this dress her her 4th of July dress. I know, not patriotic in anyway. It reminds me of a picnic blankets and the 4th sure makes me think of picnics. Whatever, I used fabric on hand and I've learned that Bee has to like the fabric if she's going to wear it. And it has to twirl.

I did not have a pattern, I made a sketch and just started piecing things together. That's my favorite way to sew. I made the sketch while standing in line at the library. The little girl in front of us had on a dress with gathering that I liked and based the top of this dress partly on. I'm sure she thought I was a weirdo.

Bee liked it. It was loose and comfy and it twirled. She wants a matching one for her doll. It was good for jumping...

and chasing....

and picking wild flowers. We went to a cook out at one of Hubby's cousin's house. Bee instantly found the Queen Anne's Lace growing by the corn field.

I am testing out another pattern for Jessica from Happy Together. I was so surprised today when I opened up the pattern and its a dress with a somewhat similar back! Bee's getting another new dress now! Since I'm testing the pattern, I'd better make two.... you know, so I can give her honest feedback.


grandma said...

I agree that "picnic dress" is a good name for the new dress. It is cute and I'm sure she will want to wear it often.

Anonymous said...

I also jude my clothing by its "twirlability"

Very nice looking--

Love Always,

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