Monday, July 13, 2009

the gift of rainbows

This winter and spring when the kids were out riding bikes a lot, (that's right, it's too hot in the summer to be out much on bikes) they liked to find the 'rainbow pieces' that their bike reflectors made on the ground. When Bee's birthday came, I thought a pretty sun catcher would be fun. I found a really great crafter on etsy, Maggie girl, who made a really nice custom crystal ball sun catcher for us. 

I let Bee open it early, since we would be traveling on her birthday. As soon as we put it up to the window, the sun went behind a cloud. Her little lip puckerd up and she cried, "This isn't a present I want." Only a moment later, the sun was back throwing dozens of rainbows around the room. She and Lou both squealed with delight and ran around giggling and dancing in the rainbows. Daddy showed them how to 'catch' the rainbows in their hands and they had a really good time catching rainbows. It ended up being a present that she did want.

Here they have found some on the floor and decided it would be fun to sit on them. We have
found that mommy and daddy's bedroom has great morning sun for rainbows and Bee's room has great afternoon sun. 

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