Friday, April 17, 2009

Bee's sweet deal

The kids were sent $5 each for ice-cream in their Easter cards from my grandma. This afternoon Lou did not take a nap. I knew it was going to be a rather long afternoon, so I said we should go ahead and buy our treats. Lou immediately said “pretzel” our favorite mall treat. Bee then remembered that the smoothie place was right next door to the mall and said that sounded really good. I explained that her money could either buy ice-cream or a smoothie and pretzel, but not all three. I wanted to make sure that she knew if she got the smoothie and pretzel, there was no money left for ice-cream. That didn’t sit well with her. Lou was certain he wanted pretzel and smoothie, Bee decided on ice-cream. Then she looked at me and said, “Maybe you could find some coupons.” About three minutes and three quick online searches, we had a coupon for each of the stores we needed. Lou had a buy one get one free for the smoothie place and a buy one get one free for the pretzel place. Bee had a $1 off for the ice-cream shop. My smart girl knew what to do to make her money go farther!

To sweeten the deal, when we were at the smoothie place, they messed up our order and ended up giving us 2 medium smoothies instead of 2 smalls. We had our coupon, so we got 2 medium smoothies for the price of one small. There was so much smoothie to be had, I asked for an extra cup and Lou and Bee split the medium. I enjoyed the other. At the pretzel place we used our coupon and got two pretzels for the price of one plain. Bee, Lou and I all enjoyed pretzel. Bee still had all of her ice-cream money and had enjoyed the same snack as everyone else.

This evening we went to a local music street festival. She was pretty excited that there was still money in her envelope for another treat. I was trying to put her off another day since we had treated ourselves enough for one day, but frankly- this savvy shopper earned her treat. With her coupon, she had enough to get ice-cream for herself and one for Lou, with $ 1 left.

On our way back to the car, with dollar in hand, she spied a fairy halo with ribbons and flowy tule at a vendors table. She asked the lady how much they were and was told $2. She looked at her dollar and back to the lady and said that she only had one dollar. The nice lady told her they were on sale for $1 today and she could have whichever one she wanted. Bee made out like a bandit today. That’s the farthest I’ve seen $5 go. Maybe she should take over grocery shopping for me!

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Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

She can help me shop anytime!

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