Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what to do with this?

I picked this wash board (the one on the right) up at a garage sale this past weekend. It said 'make an offer.' I don't like those. I asked what make an offer meant. Did he want an offer of $2 or $20? He said that if I agreed to take it home and treat it nice I could have it for $2. Deal.

So I hung it by our other wash board. The other one holds our keys. The door to the right is the entrance from the garage. It's just opposite from the laundry room. The door to the basement is to the left. Not that those details are important, but since I'm not able to crop pictures these days, I thought I'd give you more details. While I'm giving more details than necessary, those curtains on the garage door and on the window next to it are from my grandma. They hung in her house at one time. The cat scratched a hole in one and I haven't changed them out yet. I rather like them.

Back to the wash board. It looks a little rugged next to the other one. Should I try to clean up the new one? I can vaguely see the words "Sunny Monday." Should I try to varnish the board and paint these letters back on? I'm really tempted to.


Amanda A. said...

i would try to varnish it too..or rather, i would WANT to try and varnish it too. either that or put up before and after signs above the two different ones. the shiny one should say "Monday" and the not-so-shiny should say "Saturday". at least that's what it'd look like at our house after a week of laundry!

Anonymous said...

I would assume that the folks on antique roadshow or pawn stars would say not to do any cleaning to it. I wonder if you could attach a sheet of cork to it & have a cute little bulletin board, or maybe a small white board for "announcements". I believe that "form follows function". What do you need in that area? If nothing, use it as an accent piece elsewhere.

Love Always,

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