Tuesday, June 28, 2011

almost done

I feel like I have a dozen in progress projects.  Here's one that's stalled.  I'm hoping that if I share it, I'll get back on it and finish. 

Here's the before.  It's a screen door insert.  We had two that we found in the attic. I gave one to another crafty friend and kept this one.  We toyed with the idea of using it in the garden, but my dear husband had a better idea. 

like I said, it's not done, but here it is, a super large message center.  I misjudged how far the cork board was going to go, so only 4 squares got finished with that.  I thought the dry erase board was going to going to fill two squares also.  I would like to have more of the fabric covered squares with ribbon also.  I might do some chalk board too.   We'll see when I get back to it.


mommyslittlemonkeys said...

I like it! If you want more dry erase spaces you could get shower board. I think a giant sheet is 10. OR if you want something magnetic...Menards sells smaller pieces of metal for not too much. I can't remember what kind of metal it is. I'll have to see if mine is labeled.

Kelly said...

This is so amazing! I may borrow this idea. :)

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