Wednesday, June 22, 2011

garden and whatnot

The garden is looking happy.  I wasn't so sure about it for some time.  What the rain didn't flood, the rabbits seemed to be eating.  Now, most things are established enough that they look like they are going to be ok. 

Except this guy.  The cucumber vines must be tasty because they are gone.

I took pictures last week and then already this week they needed updated.  So here are some yellow squashes last week.

Then this week.

Oh, we'll be grilling some of these up soon.

The tomatoes are finally growing and filling out their cages.

I put grass down this weekend on top of several layers of newspaper.  I got about 1/4 of it done and then I needed to take a break and scratch my legs.  We'll work more the next time we mow.

Here's the watermelon last week. 

And this week.

Oh, a baby watermelon!

The sweet potatoes last week.   Ignore all the weeds, hopefully the grass clippings will help with that.

And this week.  There was awhile when I thought the potatoes were not making it.

This guy last week,

is an eggplant this week.  It's not so blurry in person.

I thought these were green peppers, it turns out they are called 'grillers'. 

The poor cantaloupe has been eaten down to almost nothing over and over.  It looks like it may be able to get a chance to grow.

The pumpkins are coming up.  We waited awhile to plant them.  The package said 110 days to harvest.   That should put us ready for some pumpkins in early October.  Unless the rabbits eat them.

The lone corn stalk has some friends growing near it but they are a month behind.  They'll probably never be close.

The gladiolas we planted this spring are starting to bloom. 

I don't have to steal these from the neighbors yard anymore.  We are the neighbors now. 


Kelly said...


jess_hak said...

.....the corn will never be close to the other corn. :)

Sparkling said...

amazing that those things have been nibbled but still come back. you must be a little further south or west than me because you are just a little ahead and i can't really grow watermelons or cantaloupe. not hot or humid enough where i live. the grass mulch is amazing in its weed prevention and what does grow in it is easy to remove. especially when you reapply often. they say you aren't supposed to put it directly on the garden the day you mow because it's acidic but it's never done my plants ANY harm!!

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