Monday, June 6, 2011

dinner games

Here's a game we play at the table sometimes. It's called What's changed?  Everyone looks around the table and then closes their eyes.  One person moves or changes 1 thing (although we usually do 3), then the others try to guess.   

Here it was Bee's turn. 

Ok, open your eyes.  Can you see the three things she changed?

  I think she flipped the blue circle lid over, moved her pink silverware at the bottom on the photo from one side to the other and she moved her cup about 3 inches.  She's a tricky gal.  

We also play What's Missing, where 1 or 2 items are hidden.  I like to do this when it's time to clear the table.  They must hide the item by the sink.  They end up clearing the table for me and they think it's a game.  It is a slow way to clear the table though.

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Holly said...

LOVE those ideas!

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