Wednesday, June 29, 2011

yard sale stuff and my vent

I'm slightly frustrated this evening.  My camera card isn't reading.  I have bunches of pictures to upload.  I'm trying to get a weeks worth of posts done in the next two evening and I can't get any of the needed pictures.  But, I'm trying to remind myself that it's not lost pictures of a wedding or birthday or really anything that matters.  All of the shots can be replaced.  I just might not have photos or posts ready to go.  It could be my computer not working or my camera or a ton of other things.

Similarly, at 3:45 this morning when the power went out when another large branch fell from our tree onto the power line running in the back of our yard, completely pulling it down, all I could think about was how the power company was probably going to take their truck right through our fence and my garden and how we were going to loose all the meat in the freezer, I should have been really thankful that at 4:00 in the morning,  while my children slept soundly,  three men were in the dark fixing my power line assisted by spotlights and headlamps so that I could have a warm breakfast and run the air conditioning. 

Regardless, we have power and I lost no meat or garden plants and I have photos of this weeks yard sale finds.  

I picked up two shirts for myself for $1.50 each and a glue gun and bunches of glue sticks for $2.00.  Mine is at least 17 years old and a mess.  At least this one has a trigger.

I also found a box of cute linens.  I'll cut up the fabric for future projects.  Amongst them were these two cute his and hers pillowcases. 

I'll cut them up... or keep them... or sell them... no keep them. 

These were part of the mix that I got for 75 cents total.  

And these guys.  They are washed and ready to go. 


Sparkling said...

Wow, you wore out the trigger in your glue gun??? That is some SERIOUS crafting!

I would also start to panic about trucks driving through my garden and losing flood in the freezer. Worry is what I do. I've been visiting my sister all week and I'[m afraid I will get home and find my gardens dead because k-ster forgot to water them!

jess_hak said...

I think my hubby and I need his and her pillowcases.....we're always 'fighting' over which pillow is Great finds! Nice that your power came back on so quickly and that you lost nothing in the process.

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