Monday, June 20, 2011

this dress brought to you courtesy of bible school

Yes, this dress is brought to you courtesy of Bible School.  Not even our churches bible school, just a neighborhood one who was willing to take my kids for 3 hours every morning last week!  with a really good program and sweet leaders.

Bee went to this bible school last summer and loved it and I had signed her up again this year.  I knew Lou wouldn't go, so I didn't bother.  He's weird with me leaving him places, knew places, new people, people in general, using ketchup on non-ketchup foods, etc.  When we were dropping Bee off the first day he asked if we could stay and see the skit.  Sure thing buddy.  Then when the groups left for their activities, he asked if we could follow the preschool class and just see what they were going to do.  Turns out they were going to play water races outside.  We sat and watched.  Then we followed them to bible story, snack, craft, and songs.  As long as I was close, Lou would somewhat participate. I'm sure I looked like the crazy mom who can't let go, but I know my Lou and I know he's the crazy one.  The next day he wanted to go and I stay 40 minutes before he said I could go home.  I cleaned the basement and organized the laundry room.  Awesome.  He cried 40 minutes that night about how I had left him at bible school.  Not awesome.  The next day he wanted to try again (it was wacky water Wednesday).  He told me to go home after about 30 minutes.  I cleaned the upstairs and gathered things for our yard sale.  Awesome.  The next day I had to stay 40 minutes again, but came home and sewed. By myself.  In a clean house.  Extra awesome.

Last summer I tore this picture out of a magazine at the gym.  If you're at the gym reading a magazine and really into an article and then you flip the page and find it's been torn out, it was me.  I tore her out and pinned her up in my sewing room.  

This pattern came to be round about.  While at my in-laws, Bee grabbed a pile of patterns from upstairs and either Grandma or Grandpa said she could take them home.  Or she just told me she could.  Either way, when we got home and I went through her bag this pattern was in them.  I let her keep the pattern for the 1970s wedding dress and I snagged this one.  It seemed sort of like the magazine dress.  I assume my mother in law made this dress up at some point too.

I chose black knit from my stash.  It was in the pile my Grandma sent me home with 2 weeks ago.  I had 2 hours roughly and was pretty sure I could figure out the less that detailed directions.  They were old school from when more people sewed and were familiar with clothing construction.  I'm used to more details and photos to guide me along. It was my first attempt at a collar like this.

I sorta guessed and tried and pulled stitches and tried again in a spot or two, but I think I got it together mostly correct. Either way, I love it. I love the way it hangs and how simple it is.

I already have fabric picked out and a change or two I want to make for the next one.  Photographing yourself is always awkward.

See how simple the sleeves are... They are like wings, which I've been seeing a lot lately. They are so comfortable!

Then, just last night, I found this girl in a magazine.  The sleeve are the same and the neckline is similar before I added the collar.  The drape and knit fabric are the same.  I just need a plunging neckline and I'll be too trendy for my own good.

There have to be more neighborhood bible school this summer, right?  

Edited to add:  I wore the dress Sunday to church and Lou overheard me telling hubby that I had trouble getting the belt to lay right since it must have been slightly off grain.  Lou said, "Don't worry mom, my wife will be able to sew it for you." 


Danielle said...

That's awesome that you could whip up something that quickly. It would probably take me just that long to figure out the pattern and cut out the pieces. It's always nice to have a few hours to yourself. Since it doesn't happen too often here, I am always wondering what to do with my time (because there are so many things I want to do!)

Melissa said...

Love it! It does look comfy and Lou...that cutie! Does he already have her picked out?

Sugarbug Boutique said...

Love the dress. Did Lou find his future wife at VBS? :) Maybe it's Arden? That would be handy. She could teach me how to sew! BTW, when you find those VBS, let me know!!

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