Saturday, June 18, 2011

the new gobble game

It's actually called Gobblet, we have been calling it gobble it up game. This is the junior version and is tons of fun. This was a gift from my Grandma, but she doesn't know it.  It was wrapped when she got it and she passed it on to us.  There's a story there.

It's like tic-tac-toe, but on your turn you can either place a piece or gobble your opponents piece, if you have a bigger one than you want to gobble. 

Lou is good, but sometimes he doesn't win.  He gets a little grumpy.

We're still working on good sportsmanship.

Sometimes he wins.

And gets really happy. 

Again, we are working on good sportsmanship.

This is a fun game for the kiddos, but there's strategy that can come into play, so hubby and I have been enjoying it too.  There is a 'regular' version too, but I can't imagine making this any harder.   It looks like it is available from Amazon, and probably lots of other places too.   

What's your favorite game this summer?

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