Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday run and a strawberry treat

The kids and I ran in a super fun race Saturday.  It was the colon screening awareness run and was the first race we all ran in just last year.  Several of my teacher friends and families from school were there, so it made for a good morning.  Our colon cancer survivor friend had a whole team there and we were so happy to be part of it.

I got almost exactly the same time I got last year in the 5K and the kids ran in the dash.  The man who gave me the bags in March was there and when I thanked him again and told him that I'd sent them off to Africa, he gave me more bags.  I'll have to show those this week.

We were supposed to go to a cook out that night, but we've been struggling with some behavior issues at our house lately, so we did not go.  I ended up with the treats we were going to take that just needed eaten. 

I made some very similar strawberries last summer for Bee's birthday.  To make these yummy treats you need to have pretty large strawberries.  After washing a drying, cut off the very tip of the 'point' of the berry, so that they stand well.  Cut off the green leafs and gently cut and hollow out the berry a bit.  Fill with the delicious filling  (8oz cream cheese blended up with one container of marshmallow fluff).  I use a plastic baggie with the corner clipped.  These are topped with blueberries.  Last summer I topped them with crushed graham crackers.  They tasted just like cheesecake.  I'm pretty sure that the fact that there's fruit involved makes them healthy. 


OhioMomPatriot said...

The treats look fabulous! I am going to have to get some giant berries when I go to the store. I know my family will love these!

Christina said...

Yum!! Those were delicious at Bee's party last year. Our Aldi had some great big strawberries on special for 99 cents. Score!

jess_hak said...

Oh my goodness! My mouth is watering! :) This is just in time for the 4th of July! AND I totally agree with you....any recipe containing fruit immediately cancels out bad calories making the treat completely healthy! :)

Congratulations on the run. That is such a big accomplishment. Colon screening is so important. My uncle was a colon cancer survivor who would say how important it is. I will be participating in a Relay for Life in running involved, but still a great cause. :)

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