Thursday, June 16, 2011

mid week thrifting

We took last week off from garage sales. We had planned to have out own sale, but I wanted to spend Saturday morning in the garden. The weeds were getting the best of me. These muddy knees are happy knees. 

Instead, I stopped by the thrift shop mid week.  I picked up these two pieces of fabric that were labeled 'table cloths.'   They are about 1 1/3 yd squares and will be great for cutting up. I think they were $1 each, maybe $1.50.   I couldn't get everything to add up right in my head after I got in the car to leave. I might have overpaid for something or been charged twice.  I'm not sure how it worked out.

Long sleeve shirts were $1.  I picked up three.  I might have looked around a bit more but my little man was not in a shopping mood.  He was making it pretty difficult for me and less enjoyable for other shoppers as well.  We paid and left quickly.

So the plan is to try to have our own sale this weekend. We would like the garage to function as a garage again so there's not more putting it off.

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