Thursday, June 9, 2011

yard sales and my grandmas

Last weekend we decided to go to my Grandmas house.  It was a last minute trip but we all always enjoy going.  Lou wanted to take in some Lincoln sites while we were in Springfield.  He loves to get Lincoln books at the library.  We thought about going to the Lincoln house, but I don't think we can trust his behavior enough to go.  They have strict rules there.  Lock you up in jail if you touch the carpet kind of rules.  I like Lou too much to let him go to the big house.

We went to the cemetery to visit his grave site. You know how I feel about frolicking about in cemeteries.   This is the largest cemetery in the state of IL and also where my Grandpa and stepmom are buried.   It's a really pretty spot as far as cemeteries go.  There is however a children's section.  I try to avoid driving by that part, but forgot this time. 

If you've not visited here before, it's good luck to rub the nose of this head.

As luck would have it, my grandma's neighborhood was having a yard sale while we were there.  What luck.  Bee bought a praying bunny for 25 cents.  Lou bought a perfect sized basketball with his 50 cents.

I found a dozen things that wouldn't fit in the car.  I've been keeping my eye out for a twin sized headboard for Lou's bed and found 3 on Saturday morning, none of which made it home.  I did end up with this picnic basket for $2.

We found a teacher's house yard sale, which always end up being my favorites.  This toy was $1 and a steal.

They are little starburst like shapes that fit together to make designs and shapes.  They'll be fun at our house and to take into preschool.

Also at the same sale was this wooden set.  The pieces fit together with little wooden screws and nuts and bolts.  Another $1 well spent.

I spied these 8 cloth napkins and needed to grab them up for $1.50 total.   I've already made something really fun and summery out of the orange and yellow flower fabric.

This was not a garage sale find, but it's the kids favorite toy at my Grandma's house.

Hannah and I both collect things while we are visiting.  Bee collected a few empty ring boxes.  When we got home and I went through her things to unpack, look at what I found.  She had written bible verses from memory on papers and tucked them inside.   1 Jon 4:6 seems to be her favorite.  She writes it on lots of things.

We always enjoy a trip to my grandma's house.  I wish I could stuff you all in the car with me and take you too.  She'd find a place for everyone to sleep and serve some dessert.  Rumor has it her freezer is full of treats and baked goods.

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jess_hak said...

I don't think you're weird about the cemetery frolicking. I always find them peaceful, beautiful, and full of history. I especially like the old sections where there are some beautiful quotes or explanations of death on the tombstones.

Love the orange and yellow fabric you should post what you made out of it....unless it's inappropriate ;)

Sounds like our grandmas are a lot alike. My grandma LOVES having visitors and is the picture of hospitality, and hominess (if that even makes sense lol)

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