Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mr. Happy Food Plate

 When Lou comes to the table for dinner, it doesn't matter what is there, he immediately says, "Ewww, gross, I won't eat that!"  Really?  I'm not a bad cook.  I don't make things purposely I know they won't like.  Lou is not picky, that's just his initial reaction for some reason.   He's sweet like that.

Not lately though!   He comes to the table and giggles!  He little baby belly laugh giggles. 
It sets a way better attitude at the table and I love it.

                 (roasted chicken, cooked carrots, blackberries from the yard, ketchup -for the carrots- he's weird)

 It's all because of this adorable gift a friend made for Lou for his birthday. We are calling his the Mr. happy food plate, perhaps he goes by different names at other homes.   I've asked her if she'll work up a guest post for us showing how she made this guy, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of him.  There's rumor there is a Mrs. Happy Food Plate as well.  Bee is certainly jealous.

                             (fish, mac and cheese from a box and stuffed mushrooms that were divine!)


jess_hak said...

This is sooooo cool! I need three of them. 2 of mine are picky (one being especially picky). The other would just find this funny. :)

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

I have looked twice now for the same plate I used for that one and no luck. I'm thinking of using Corelle white plates but they cost 350% more that the original and really aren't as cool. ;o) Do you still want a girl one?

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