Friday, June 10, 2011

the one who chases and the pool lounger

The other night right after bath time, Bee was looking out the window to the backyard and spied 4 rabbits in the year. Seriously! 4 stinking rabbits.  They've eaten the first two or three plants in each row and all of the green beans and carrot tops.  I wrapped the kids in towels and ran to the backyard. 

With camera in hand, I chased all 4 rabbits out of the yard.

This is how they are getting in.   Our awkward gate.  Before they fattened up this summer they could fit through the chain-link holes.  Now they just go under the fence.  I can't patch this up, it's our only way in.  I do encourage Lou to pee by it and have lined it with hubby's hair after a haircut.

There's the door buddy- now get out!  While I'm chasing the rabbits around the yard in my bare feet, yelling at them and clapping a lot (because that's how you scare a rabbit), where is our cat?  Where is our outdoor cat whose job it is to catch mice and bunnies and maybe scare birds out of the blackberries? 

Hanging out by the pool.  He was watching me chase rabbits while he rested on the rim and let one paw dangle in .  It's his favorite spot this summer.  Who needs rabbits when you have a pool.

Here's a warning to the rabbits.  Stay out or the cat I will get you!


jess_hak said...

umm....this made me giggle. :) Cats have such fun personalities. He just sat and watched you. Maybe you should give the cat a you're days are numbered if you don't do your job. lol

Danielle said...

Bunnies are very tasty!

Sugarbug Boutique said...

I think the bunnies are cute!! But, I would like a few more of those tasty berries! Maybe we could transport them to my house and they could live under our deck with our family of bunnies?

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