Monday, June 13, 2011

trading up

I think I traded up. We had two rows full of lettuce that were starting to get a little bit bitter and needed eaten up faster than the we could, even with the rabbits help.

The kids helped me cut all that was left.  We have two more rows of this that aren't all the way ready to eat, but it's been so hot I don't know that they'll taste good at all.   We ended up with 5 gallon bags of lettuce.  We could only use 1, especially knowing we had more in the garden for the next week.

We delivered the other bags to neighbors. Look at what one of the neighbors sent over later as a thank you.  I think we traded up.  1 gallon lettuce for 1 slab ribs.  They were delicious!  This good trade made for a good dinner, ribs and a large salad.

Here's what else we've been picking.  For several days in a row we were picking about 10 times this amount each afternoon.  We seem to be over the rush and are picking about this amount every day 1 1/2 cups of berries.  The strawberries have more flowers, but I think they are done blooming.  It's hot hot hot here and they surely won't do well anymore.  

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Danielle said...

I think that's a great trade! Ribs are so yummy!

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