Wednesday, July 1, 2009

travel (part 2) what we pack

I shared yesterday about plane traveling and am continuing that theme today and tomorrow too.

What we pack:

My kids wear back packs while plane traveling. We found these smallish back packs a few trips ago (at Steve and Barry's.... before my sister told me that they have extremely questionable and unethical practices) and they have been more than worth the $3 a piece I paid for them. Each child has their water bottle and some stuff to do. We throw in a lovey on the way out the door.

Bee's bag has her crayon roll, a blank journal, stickers, silly putty, sticky notes, pencils, pencil sharpener, activity books, magnifying glass, and a handful of little animals. Lou's is similar. He adds trains and a toy telescope.

I carry two bags, one of snacks , extra outfits and cloth wipes and one of more stuff to for the kids to do. For snacks, We love dried fruit and granola bars. Our cloth wipes are in that snack bag turned wet bag (it is navy with red and blue hands making peace signs).

Here's what's in my other bag: sticker books, i spy books, water doodle books, magnet books, some writing paper, alphabet hunt pages, number sticker pages, card games, extra pencils. I wish it was full of magazines for me an my mp3 player....

I love having the dnelian font on my computer. I made some printing pages for Bee. She love sot practice her letters.

Here's an alphabet hunt we play... we'll be looking for things that start with the letter, not looking for the actually letter on signs, although you could if you were driving.

Here's a number game we play with stickers. They will just count that number of stickers and place them in the appropriate box.

I save a few things for the way home, but most of the things are reused. They don't usually even ask to play with any of the toys or book while we are on our trip, Grandmas have so much to do and so many things not to touch that we stay busy that way.


Mama King said...

Amazing! You have got it covered! We love Crispy Fruit here too!

Mama King said...

Thanks for looking out for me!! :-)

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