Monday, October 19, 2009

Well earned R and R

Hubby and I spent the weekend kid free at my aunt and uncle's lovely cabin in Alabama. It was a bit of a drive, but I had forgotten how much easier it is to travel without kiddos in tow. My mom cam to stay with the kids for this very first overnight (two nights at that) with out mommy and daddy. I think they had as much fun as we did, possibly more since Chuck E Cheese and the mall carousel were involved. Next time the kids are going with us though because we kept saying, Bee would really like to go fishing too or Lou would have loved the boat.

I am not drinking wine here although it looks like it. I just needed a glass. I haven't had wine since the embarassing 'puke on my shoes in the parking lot of some random bar in front of my new collegues' insident of 2002. Teachers like to celebrate the end of the week. anyway.

It was unseasonable cold, but I don't think we minded a bit. We got to have a fire in the fireplace the whole time. We brought enough warm clothes that we were able to bundle up and take the canoe out one morning.

It was great to see my aunt and uncle and visit a bit. Both of my cousins were in town too. We had not seen them for 8 years and now hubby and I have seen one of my cousins twice in two months.

The makings for a good weekend- My sister said it sounded boring, but I had a stack of reading material (back issues of Real Simple and Southern Living) and some crafty stuff to work on. I bought new knitting needles so I can knit in the round and with some direction from my aunt, I have a new project. It might take all winter!

Hubby's blackberry was turned off for the first time ever! How nice not to hear every alert of every email, text, incloming call and appointment reminder. Forget about the kids, that in itself was peace and quiet!

This angus farm was just down the road and I thought the round bails of hay were just really pretty out in the fields. (Maybe they are not called bails if they are round?)


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Reading, relaxing, and visiting sounds very fun to me.

Chris said...

hey now... i never said it sounded boring - i just asked if YOU were bored with no kiddos :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a nice weekend. This is what retirement will be, quiet, nothing to do, no one calling, some time on the lake & visiting with friends. I wish it wasn;t so far away. Glad you were able to make the weekend workout.

Love Always,

Anonymous said...

First time I have seen the interior of the cabin. Sounds like a perfect way to spend your 10th anniversary. I have heard it was a great weekend for the family in Alabama also. I'm glad the time went well for Bee and Lou and of course your mother. gma

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun while in Alabama. We sure enjoyed seeing you both. I'll be sending the knitting pattern in the mail this week.
Aunt Donna

Lisa said...

How fun! DH and I need a getaway like that! Nice place.

Julia said...

It was great getting to see you two - I am so glad you had a fun time in Alabama!


Elise said...

Sounds like bliss! The fireplace going, catching up on some reading and relaxing.

How sweet for your little girl to collect her little treaures and display them on her window sill. Bee is so observant to notice this idea in a picture and then copy it.

Mama King said...

Sounds just wonderful!

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