Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dumpster diving

ok, there wasn't a dumpster involved.... not exactly. It wasn't even my idea... this time.

My neighbor/partner in crime called and said that another neighbor had put out some interesting things for the trash the next day. It was late, it was SUPER cold out, I was already in my jammies, but she had me a 'free stuff on the curb'. Using only my cell phone as a flash light, we dug through bags of toys and clothes and found a few keepers. If Bee had a bigger room, there was a nice head and foot board for a little girls room.

Bee scored this guitar. I know, right. It needed new batteries and that's it. I sewed a cute strap for it too. We all agree it's a pretty cool guitar. Our stage and mic have been asking for some instruments. Bee's a pretty conservative rocker in her cords and sweater set here.

Lou is showing off his prized item. He's all of a sudden into monster trucks. This truck also works and is a favorite truck at our house... it's Monster Mutt.

This little wooden hat or coat rack was up for grabs too. I had it near the dress up clothes area, but Bee wanted it moved to her baby/house area. I have already mentioned what a bag lady she is, so it works well here. She keeps several bags here to load up baby gear for when she takes the babies to the grocery store. Lou makes a fine grocer.

There were also several cabbage patch baby doll outfits. We have slimmer dolls, so everything just needed a little altering, but now they all fit our dolls. I also grabbed a spring wreath but it's already in the garage in a tub. If there had been sunlight and/or it had been warmer out, Carole and I would have gathered more and I'm sure our hubby's would have been even more embarrassed when we came home. There aren't any garage sales right now, so I think we are just in withdrawal. It's not our faults.


Carole Davids said...

I was wondering when this would post! lol I will have to get on it and post my finds too.

grandma said...

OH,my. I hope no one calls 911.

Bridget Haig said...

Grab bags take to garage put out next week. I bring home the weirdest stuff.

Anonymous said...

I know where you get it. I was dumpster diving before they called it that. Friday is trash day in our neighborhood. I have found that Thursday night seems to be the best night to go looking. My theory is that people don't want to get rid of the good stuff until the last minute. Your birthday is coming up. I think a flashlight on a hat would help you a great deal. Also, a trailer behind your car would be good for the big items.

Love Always,


Kelly said...

It's too bad this family didn't donate their stuff. I bet other families could have used the rest of it and it wouldn't be in a landfill somewhere. It's not dumpster diving, it's saving the earth!