Wednesday, January 13, 2010

pajama party

We have been playing games from this box. They are games to be played as a family while at the dinner table. I had never seen the beginners version and was pretty excited to find it, especially on the clearance table (at Barnes and Noble). One game told us to plan a pajama party for the next night. And plan we did.

We had an early bath and dressed in jammies.
Bee is wearing her new mama made Fancy Nancy nightgown. It's lined with fleece since it's so cold in her bedroom at night. She insisted on a matching robe, so I used an old robe to make up a pattern. I won't let her wear characters on her clothes, but have approved them for undies and jammies. She's taking full advantage of it. The robe needs pockets, but I ran out of fabric. I used literally every drop of the 1 yard of fleece I bought.

I wore some new jammies I made up by tracing a pair of yoga pants. They are a jersey knit and I cut them out the wrong way. The stretch is going the wrong direction. They are fine, but they don't stretch like normal pants. I had to add some pocket to the backside to cover the fact that they are a little tight there and don't stretch appropriately. The pockets are cute though and I will add them again when I make a new pair of pants (I have three colors of knit waiting to be made up).

We ate breakfast for diner: yogurt with blueberries, egg casserole (finally used up the last of the sourdough loaf from Christmas)

and monkey bread (I used too much whole wheat flour and it was a little dense and a little disappointing- although it was eaten without complaint).

We did have fun making it though.

For our entertainment: There were floor puzzles to build, about 20 new library books to be read and mailboxes to decorate. I just let the kids decorate their mailboxes with stickers. If you want really cute mailboxes for your family, look here (she has more coming too!). We have been leaving each other notes in them. The kids sure love getting mail.

Lou fell asleep by 6:50 and Bee was in bed by 7:30. We're real partiers like that. Everyone had a super time and we are looking forward to our next pajama party. It's sure to be a regular event here.


Carole Davids said...

That little game is great! I will have to find out where you picked it up. The mailboxes are very cute too. Lou was so excited that night when you left here with them!

Anonymous said...

Way cool party!!!!

Love Always,

grandma said...

Fun party. The mailboxes caught my eye and gave me good memories. When we were traveling in the motorhome, I saw some people had a post with these mailboxes for friends to leave notes. Grandpa made a post that fit over a stake for our mailbox but I don't think anyone ever left a note.

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