Monday, January 25, 2010

sushi- cheater style

One of my friends asked me last fall if I knew how to make sushi. I said "No, but I'll figure it out." I got a book at the library, but it was for the serious sushi chef type. This clearly does not apply to me. It did have some nice pictures. I talked to some other people and learned a little bit more.

I had a little extra money in the grocery envelope this month (not sure how that happened) and I decided to buy all the goodies and start testing it out. For the first try, I bought a kit. It included the wrappers and rice. You just added the veges and meat. Lou and I made up a bunch with crab meat and avocado.

The little wrappers were pre-cut. You just cooked the rice and started filling them up. Roll and trim the excess and you're all done.

They aren't the prettiest sushi I've ever seen, but they were yummy. Lou ate them almost as fast as I made them!

Here's what the kit looked like. I have the ingredients bought to make more sushi, not using a kit/cheater style. Hubby travels again this week so I think that will be the time. He agrees with Bee that they are disss-kusting!


grandma said...

They look good but I'll take my fish another way. I had a nice whole catfish a couple of weeks ago which to some is not a good fish.

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

If you had told me that living in Mexico would make me fall in love with Sushi, I never would have believed you! But, now we love it. And avocado/ crab is my fave. Maybe I'll figure out how to make it, as I haven't found much good sushi in the grocery stores in MI.

Anonymous said...

I can eat sushi, but I usually get full before I get to the sushi.

I am proud that not knowing how to do something kept you from trying. That's how you learn.

Love Always,


Julia said...

These look really good!

Just curious, did you have to use a special rice cooker? I would love to try this, but I just have the basics...

-Cousin Julia

Anonymous said...

We had a Korean exchange student who taught us how to make pretty good sushi (these type we call California Rolls)... Two things--there is a packet mixture that you can put in with the rice to flavor it up. Also, there is a bamboo mat like object, about 8x10', that you can use to create really nice tight rolls. You lay the larger sized sheet of seaweed on top of it, put a row of rice about 1' wide lengthwise, about 1 1/2 inches in from one end. Goodies like fish and avacado get set along the middle of the rice. (Long row of it all.)Then you "snug' it to start the roll, and keep going. Sorry if that's not clear. But, it's pretty cool, and easy. Kerry D.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, also, she made sure we got short grain rice. It has a much stickier texture.

When you finish rolling the long roll, that's when you can slice it into the bite size pieces. Kerry D.

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