Monday, January 4, 2010

the year of little bags

I have something for little bags. My whole family does. Hubby likes organizational things with compartments. Bee and Lou like little pouches, boxes, and bags. They put the funniest collections of little things together and carry them around.

This was the year of little bags for us. Now that I am comfortable with zippers, a whole new kind of bag making took place. It seemed like everything we opened could be bettered with a little bag to help hold the small pieces.

Bee received some makeup: Here's a vinyl fabric lined pouch perfect for makeup:

Lou got some guys called "mighty world." They come with tiny little tools and such:

Lou's new marble track needed some marble storage:

Bee loves little pets. The tinier, the better. Here's a pouch that is supposed to corral the little pets. I keep finding them in purses and boxes all over the house though. This pouch is holding Polly pockets these days. I guess the Polly girls need their own pouch.
Are you a storage compartment fan? What's you favorite organizational item? Old gift bags (that's bee)? Drawstring bags (that me)? Backpacks and other bags with lots of pockets (that's hubby)? Lou is haphazard, he hasn't seem to have found his organizational groove yet.


Kelly said...

my e-reader pouch became an amazingly awesome flying pouch yesterday! I could fit my reader, ipod, pen, passport, tissues, hand sanitizer, and granola bar in there. So, i would just hook it on my hand and then put the rest of my carry-on overhead. I could sleep soundly, knowing that i had my hand on my stuff, and I also didn't have to use the seat pocket.
This was an amazing bag!

Jess said...

What a cute way to store things!

Anonymous said...

good idea kelly- you are a seasoned traveler!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I like little containers, but I'm naturally messy. My neatness and putting away in little pouches only lasts soooo loooong...

Charity said...

How fun these are, my girls love bags to stash stuff in. You did a great job, thanks for sharing