Saturday, January 16, 2010

more eggs

Hubby's been out of town for meetings and I've had all evening (since the kids are in bed about 7:15) to indulge myself in all kinds of sewing and crafts. I have taken over the kitchen counter with eggs and jars of dye and no one is complaining about the coffee pot not having room. That being said, we do miss him when he travels and can't wait for him to be home.

Here are some new eggs I've been working on, mostly for practice and to see what colors work well together. The egg with the black wax is just getting started. Here's my first attempt a few days ago.

I've been practicing some little chickens, flowers and bees. This egg is a practice collage of animals. The animals are a little tricky, but the smaller ones turned out better. I do like the yellow and red together though.

Here is one with several colors and a simple star and wheat design. It's been dyed black and is ready to have the wax taken off.

Here it is after the wax has been taken off. You can see in the red and blue part of the star that I didn't get the wax thick enough in some areas and the black dye seeped through. I think I'll make this one again without yellow. It's too bright against the other colors in the star.

Here's one with a little more complicated design. I like this one already. Here it is ready to have the wax removed, once the dye finishes drying.

I like the red in this one. There is some blue, but you can hardly see it. I do really like the amount of lines and the triangles.

I'm going to keep practicing. I want a whole vase full of them for my mantel in April.


grandma said...

I don't know anything about this art but wonder--do you use real eggs? If so are they boiled?

Anonymous said...

They are real eggs, they are not boiled. My directions said not to... Maybe it changes the way the egg shell takes the dye? You can hollow them but then they don't sit well in the dye, they float or fill with the dye. If you use regular eggs, the insides dry out after a year or so. They actually become more sturdy the older they get. BETH

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