Tuesday, January 5, 2010

always on the sunny side

I thought I discovered it first. At 2pm if you stand at the kitchen sink, the sun comes in the window just perfectly. If you close your eyes, you can go to FL. I go most days. It's sunny and warm on my face and feels nice. I showed hubby awhile back and now he goes with me some times. It's just a few minutes. If I had a sandy bucket to put my feet in, I'd stay longer.

It turns out the kids have found their own sunny spot. I did notice after naps (and I say 'naps' loosely), their toys were all in one particular area. It took hubby home during the days over the holidays to figure it out. The kids have a sunny spot they go to too.

(I just noticed that these pictures are from new years day- we stayed in our jammies way to long that day!)

Guess we all need a vacation. The wind chill is 4 today.

Speaking of sunny things. Bee made this tape picture at preschool on Monday and I think it is so sunny and happy. Maybe it's the bright colors or the sun like face in the corner, but I just really like it.


grandma said...

Have you noticed it isn't warm in FL. I have no idea the wind chill here but the temp in -3 this morning which is warmer than it has been. What a blessing to have a warm house. I know it is tough to leave the warm sandy area that you were enjoying. I have to get out to take the car to have the heater repaired today.

Anonymous said...

Wind chill here is -15 here. I need to find a sunny spot too.

Love Always,


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

we got off the plane, at 3pm, to sunshine!!! It's hard to underestimate how great sunshine really is. I didn't know I needed it all year long, but now I'm spoiled. Not sure how i'm going to re-adjust to the dark and cold.

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