Friday, January 15, 2010


We got two packages in one day! Our first package came from my brown paper package exchange partner, Janette. I sent to Valerie, and Janette sent to me. It looks like she writes a cooking blog, looks like a lot of desserts.

Yum! Peppermint bark- I've eaten most all of it by myself. Don't judge me. Who hasn't hidden in the pantry and eaten a pound of chocolate by themselves.

Look at the goodies. Some for me, some for the kids even.

I was excited to get my package, but I was almost as excited to send the thank you note. I made this envelope from an international package I received months ago. When I ordered by copy of Alain Clark's cd, it came in this cool envelope. Anyway, I've been saving this for when I received my package, since it's brown paper too.

The second package was almost just as exciting for me. The kids could have cared less about this one.

It took me all these spool, almost 100, to figure out that I was paying WAY too much for thread. Here's 97 that cost between $2 -$5. All that for only 500 yards at the most.

This thread however was $1.50 a spool and each has 1200 yards. You heard me right. I've been missing out! I bought the floral pack and then a hand full of other needed colors. I'll never buy thread the same way again! This is from connecting threads. (It looks like I had a sale price, but still, it's only $1.99) Shipping is free for orders over $50. When neighbors go together on orders, that is easy to meet.

Oh, the happiness a well stocked thread rack brings...


grandma said...

I found some additional wooden thread spools last week. I was given a can of embroidery thread some time ago. Someone had wound short pieces of thread on old wooden spools.
Time to go to water therapy. The water is 94 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Wow---I never knew anyone with as much thread as you---

I loved the notes from Bee & Lou, but only have one picture. Would love one of Lou

Love Always,


Jeannette said...


I'm glad you liked the package! I think I was driving my fiance nuts with the constant "what do I put in there? It has to be good!!"

But I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!

Carole Davids said...

I am going to have to order the floral pack like you did and probably the basics, black and white go sooo fast! I am waiting to find a discount code before I order again. lol

Valerie said...

I LOVED my gifts from you.

I would have eaten the bark all by myself too :)