Thursday, January 7, 2010

frozen drinks

It's frozen outside, so it doesn't make sense to have frozen drinks inside... but, I'm playing with my new Christmas present, the magic bullet.

Here are two drinks that we've been working on. By 'we', I mean that I make things up and I have a number of taste testers who let me know how it is. Either way, we have been enjoying it.

These measurements are for the magic bullet, but your could figure them out for other blenders, etc.

Frozen Lemonade
2 heaping spoons sugar
2 spoons lemon juice
fill magic bullet 1/2 way with ice
Add water to just come to top of ice
pulse and let the magic bullet do it's thing until the ice is all blended up

Why not enjoy this one in "FL."

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Fill magic bullet half way up with ice
add milk to just come to top of ice (once I used 1/2 and 1/2 and it was pretty yum)
add 5 spoons of hot chocolate mix
pulse and let the magic bullet do it's thing until the ice is all blended up

Dairy Queen used to have frozen hot chocolates and these really taste similar. When I was pregnant with Bee, I ate a lot of these. Some rather late at night. I think the DQ ones had some chocolate syrup and whip cream too. Why not experiment with many variations of whip cream.... it couldn't hurt.


Melissa said...

So is it as great as the infomercial says it is? I watched part of the infomercial once and was convinced if my blender ever died I'd look into one of these.

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I loved the frozen lemonade we tried!

Anonymous said...

well,I only got it because my old small blender cracked. The magic bullet seems to be great for smoothies and frozen drinks. It stinks at homemade peanut butter (which is the other main thing I used my other small blender for). The juicer portion is not great, but otherwise the magic bullet is nice. I haven't used it for salsa or other chopping yet. BETH

Kate said...

I have the magic bullet but there are multiple 'cups' which were you using?

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