Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bee's thank yous

Bee has been working on her Christmas thank yous. Hopefully they are all done and mailed by now. I wanted to come up with something where she could do some of the writing, but not too much. Good grief, I didn't want to spend all winter working on her thank yous (not to mention the tears that would have followed).

I found a fun stamper that is by 'stamp it up'. I scanned the image and made it bigger in a word doc. Then I printed that onto some snowflake printer paper that we got in the dollar section at Joanns. I helped spell all the names and items that she needed to write.

Something similar could be hand drawn or created on the computer with some tricky clip art and text box work.

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Anonymous said...

Way cool--- I hope Meg does not see this...She will want to do her English papers this way.

Love Always,