Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to school outfits

I got pretty excited by a few cooler days we had a few weeks ago and planned the kids 'first day of school' outfits. Ok, only Bee is going to school this year, but Lou should have a cute coordinating outfit. Well, I way over shot the temperatures and we have been wearing warm weather outfits instead. Bee's school is in the afternoons, so we don't even have the cooler mornings to deal with. So, these outfits will be saved for a few more weeks, but I couldn't wait to share them.

I modeled Lou's pants and shirt after the ones Dana makes at her blog, MADE. Here's the inspiration for the pants and shirt. Hubby thinks the knees are silly and I think my sister thought the same thing when she saw them laying out in my sewing room a few weekends ago. I think they are darling.

His pants are made from old cord pants I picked up at a yard sale for $1. I think my brother has the same pants!

Big pants... getting ready to be cut.

Here's my helper and my homemade cardboard pattern.

Bee's jumper is modeled after a little from a jumper I saw in the JoAnns flyer. I loved these lightweight corduroy fabrics they had out at the fabric store. Selecting which print was a little tough, but I like what we ended up with. I wish I had picked up two packs of the buttons, I think the pockets would have looked cute with buttons too. When I went back to the store, they didn't have anymore. I allowed extra room in the hem at the bottom and extra length in the straps so it can grow with her. I can't believe how fast she's growing these days.

And on my models: Lou did not want to participate despite a bribe.


Anonymous said...

I was up early today and your new blog was not ready. I like to start my day with the busy bee. gma

Chris said...

Okay, so they turned out much cuter than I thought and look adorable on him. I love the argyle :)

Mama King said...

You little bees look adorable! You are so talented :-)

Clara said...

Very cute. I was all ready for fall about 3 weeks ago, when the fall temps hit. I even switched out their wardrobe... hahaha... Luckily I thought to leave some summer stuff, hahha! But I see cooler temps are coming back! Not sure if it is corduroy weather, but long pants might be in order!

I found your blog about a week ago, and have enjoyed reading it. You are very creative! I used to be on babycenter with you (2005 & 2007). You made the tag blankets for me. And I'm thinking the super hero capes will make great xmas gifts!

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