Tuesday, May 11, 2010

garage sale finds

Oh look at the goodies Lou and I found this weekend. I paid $1 a piece for these lovelies. There were many things I would have gotten, but the price was right on these guys.

The man was so nice and gave Lou this old truck for free. He's a good shopper.

This came from the recycling center this morning. I was intrigued by the cover and just threw it in the car.

When I got home I figured out what it was. It's a meeting attendance list from 1957-1971.

For the United Steel Workers of America Local #5352. It would be cool if I knew any of these people. It looks nice in a stack of old books I have on one of my bookcases. I think there are actual union stories in my family. But, I think I might just make up a good story about this book.

Here's a close up of the tea cups and plate. The guy told me that the teacup that says "evangelical" was the dish set from a church. The whole set says that on every piece.

The little plate matches the others I have picked up. I glued (with help of a crafty neighbor) little candel sticks to the bottoms to make them stands.

Did you find anything good this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Yes there are good union stories. Your great, great, great Grandfather was deported from Wales for trying to unionize the coal miners. One night some thugs jumped him and hit him upside of the head. He woke up the next day on a boat headed for the US.

I bought a like-new router & table (for woodworking) at a gargae sale. New $175. I paid $30.

Love Always,

grandma said...

I have a few old tea pots in the basement you may be interested in. Tea pots were used for centerpieces on round tables at UMW luncheon last Friday. They used peonies in them. You probably have peonies in your yard.

Sarah said...

I love the plate/candlestick idea! So clever! What did you use as an adhesive?

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