Monday, May 24, 2010

a gift I want to keep

Do you ever get a gift for someone and the longer it sits at your house waiting to be gifted, the more you want to keep it for your very own? That's the case with this cutting board I purchased for a wedding gift. It's not that I wanted the wedding canceled, but I was daydreaming that the bride called and and said, "Please don't bring a gift, whatever you have for us, keep it for yourself." Didn't happen... probably has never happened in the whole history of weddings.

A local friend, Brett, makes these cutting boards himself. His brother installs hardwood floors and Brett collects the leftover scraps that would be otherwise tossed or burned. The other boards I've seen of his have been tiny pieces, like 2-3 inch chunks. He asked what kind of wood I wanted and I really didn't know. I told him to just have fun with it. This is what I got. I love it. It seems like it's made up of 9 or 10 different woods. This one hasn't been oiled yet. He didn't want me wrapping and them traveling with an oily board. I'll have to stop by the newlywed's house soon just to see it oiled. It's a good thing was last weekend because I don't think I could have had it sit on the counter another day with out oiling it up and calling it mine.


Anonymous said...

Very neat--I would love ot have one just to look at

Love Always,


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I think I may have kept that gift, too!

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