Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a weekend wedding

I updated yesterdays post with what I hope is the answer to my problem.

My old college roommate got married this past weekend (we're not old, that's just what you say). It was a beautiful day! The weather had been really cool in the 60s, but it was perfect on Saturday.

It was outdoors in a gazebo. I love outdoor weddings. My camera takes such better pictures in good sunlight. It makes me happy.

Bee was as excited as could be to be there, Lou on the other hand, hid the whole time.

They left in her dad's cool old car.

Hubby got to hang out with his best friend from high school, who married my best friend from high school. She and I were room mates our first year in college and then she went off and got married. The kids were helping the guys scratch off lotto tickets. Lou assured everyone that he knew how to do that (perhaps that's what he does when I'm working in the garden). Our table assignments were in these little envelopes with stickers that said "lucky in love." We weren't lucky with out lotto tickets.

Here's my other college room mate. She and I lived with the bride in a 'triple.' It was the best room on the whole campus. The bride spent one whole semester in France, so we had so much space. It was the hang out place for sure.

After the wedding, Bee asked, "What is she to me?" I told her that she wasn't related to us, she was just a friend. Bee said that didn't seem right and maybe someday she would be. I can't think of any future situation where she would be related to us, but it sure would be fun.

Bee was really hoping to catch the bouquet! She did not.

This is the old gang. We have not been completely together in some time. I can't even really think of when it would have been. It's been several years though.

Bee danced and danced!
And danced and danced (here with the mother of the bride). We had to take a break when "I like big butts" came on. She was shocked. I tried to get her to laugh about it, but she just stood there. Luckily you could not understand the actual words other than the 'big butt's' part. We decided to check on the boys.

This was pretty much Lou and daddy all evening. Lou did not like the music or the people. He didn't like that Bee and I were out dancing. He only raised his head to eat. They served pizza and beer and cupcakes. I had a delicious cherry coke and the kids had a sprite. It was a crazy time after all.

Probably the best part of the weekend was a surprise at the hotel. The kids really wanted to swim. The hotel has a water park with slides, lazy river, and spray area, etc. That area was an extra $20 a person! We instead went to the regular hotel pool (free) for a little bit. As we were leaving, this woman said that she had to leave and wasn't able to use her three passes for the water slide area for the day. She asked if we wanted them. Lou was free since his birthday is not until next weekend so we had plenty. We had nothing that we had to get back home for, so we spent a couple hours on the water slides and lazy river! That's a good surprise!

It was such a fun weekend. It was a long weekend. It was a lot of time together. A lot of time together in a car. I tried, but did not make it up and off to the gym at 4:30 monday morning. Not a chance.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bee would have enjoyed catching the bouquet, and she certainly was in a good position with arms up & ready to go. Personally, I'm glad she didn't catch it. She would figure she would be married within the month.

Love Always,

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

seems like lou likes weddings about as much as Dave does! maybe it's a recessive gene...

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